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Specialist in trailerable sailboats since 1969


I no longer make rigging for the boats. Below are the basic specifications for the boats. A rigging shop can easily make replacements. If you need specifics send me an email.

The following are of 1/8" 1X19 316 stainless wire. When new this has a breaking strength of 2,800 lbs and is used on most trailerable boats up to about 2,500 lbs.


These have a thimbled loop on top, and a marine eye on the bottom.

Regarding the Montgomery 15: the only change I ever made to the standing rigging during the production life of the boat was to increase the length of the forestay about an inch and shorten the shrouds about half that much. Initially, there was an amazing coincidence in that all three wires were nearly the same length; plenty close enough so that the stay adjusters would take up the difference if the forestay was set in one of the last two holes. Only problem was that new sailors would try to balance all the wires to as close to the center of the adjusters as possible which set up the mast too plumb; the 15 sails best with the mast raked aft. As soon as I became aware that people were doing this I simply lengthened the forestay and shortened the shrouds, encouraging owners to set up the mast with a little rake. I hate to see Montgomery boats going slow!


Above eyes are MARINE eyes and take a 1/4" pin; forks are aircraft forks and take a 3/16 X 5/8 (grip length) pin.

Turnbuckles can have either the right-hand thread or the left-handed thread on the top stud, partly depending on who made it, but there has been an attempt in the last ten years or so to standardize with the RH thread on top. But check them out carefully; it takes a heck of a big wrench to make them interchangeable!